Cured Spice Co Spice Mixes

Want to up your dinner game? These delicious spice blends from Cured Spice Co are good on EVERYTHING. We are currently offering: 

 SRIRACHA + LIME: Medium heat spice great as a seasoning on white fish, chicken, popcorn & Sweet Potato Fries. Ingredients: Sea Salt, Paprika, Cayenne, Pepper, Garlic, Sumac, Celery Seed,Dill , Lime Zest

SMOKED PAPRIKA: A kitchen staple for chefs & home cooks, our paprika is smoked for 48 hours using apple & maple wood giving it a subtle sweetness to off set a hint of spice..Ingredients: Paprika, Natural Wood Smoke

SMOKED BLACK PEPPER: Smoked using apple & maple wood for 48 hours & milled by hand producing perfect cracked pepper for immediate use or can be transferred to a pepper mill for a finer grind.

  • $5.50