Basic Hair Fork

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Weave the hair fork through your hair to create tension for an all day hold! Each one is made by hand in my home studio out of solid brass. Once you get a handle on the weave process, I promise it will change your lifestyle! Hair forks are a great way to keep your hair healthy with no pulling, breaking or kinking. 

Most versatile of the three sizes. Ideal for most lengths and textures. Made with heavier gauge and 1/2 inch additional length than the small fork. 
4 inch total length
Solid 8 gauge brass (3.2mm)

Ideal for long and/or thick hair or if you'd like a portion of the fork to show more outside your bun/updo. 
5.5 inch total length
Solid 8 gauge brass (3.2mm)

*Please note that brass will naturally oxidize, giving it a darker antiqued look. If you wish to keep it looking new and polished, lightly buff with a polishing cloth. 

*each fork comes with a small polishing pad.