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Spray your room, your sheets....your kid's stinky shoes!

We're currently carrying the following scents in 4oz fine mist pumps:

MORNING PERSON   A Cheerful blend of fresh picked berries and annoying everyone else (blueberries, sugar)

MOM LIFE  A calming blend of lemongrass and deep breaths (lemongrass, lavender)

HYGGE A cozy blend of warm blankets and quiet afternoons (bergamot, violet and mahogany) 

NIGHT OWL A chill blend of lavender, mint and just one more episode (lavender and mint)

HOT MESS  A barely hanging on blend of leggings and dry shampoo (jasmine, sandalwood and white amber)

DREAM BIG - A fearless blend of bubblegum and rainbows. This is a special release for the kids! Scent has a way of bringing comfort, whether through nostalgia or being associated with a place you feel safe, calm and loved. Dream Big comes in 8oz bottles (double the size of the normal sprays!)