Cured Spice Co Grilling Spices

All the spices for dinner!

Naked Spice - Smoked black pepper and smoked sea salt blend

Lemon Pepper - Classic lemon pepper spice blend for baked salmon, kebabs and lemon chicken

Butcher’s Blend - Blended with smoked black pepper and spices; ideal for poultry, beef, lamb and pork

Potato and Veg - A favourite for all-purpose seasoning; savoury herbs with garlic and onion

Chicken and Rib Rub - A blend of cumin, garlic and brown sugar makes this spice ideal for BBQ Chicken and Ribs

Montreal Steak Spice - A blend of smoked paprika and dill; ideal for grilling steaks, roasts and stews

Piri Piri - Portuguese inspired blend with fresh ginger to season vegetables, fish and chicken. 

Savoury Chicken - Perfect for Roasting & Grilling. A Great Seasoning for Roasted Turkey, Duck & Game meats.

Brisket & Beef

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