Firecracker Pepper Sauce

Mango Madness - This sauce is a Double Award Winner, placing in the top 3 at the Royal Winter Fair 2019 and 1st place award winner for “Best All-Natural Hot Sauce” from the Canadian Hot Sauce Awards 2020! It's tangy and fruity - with a little bit of zip at the end. Made with "Julie" mangos, cilantro, and scotch bonnet peppers. Spice rating: 3/10

Authentic Trinidadian - Firecracker "Original " is Authentic Trini style pepper sauce. This sauce is made with an authentic family recipe, emulating the flavours and taste of Trinidad. Every Trini has a variation of this sauce on their table. If you like authentic and spicy, this is for you. It's easily the most versatile sauce you'll ever try - it goes well with everything! Try it on steak, chicken, mango salads (trust me), eggs! Spice rating, 4.5/10

Bazodee - Bazodee in Trini means to be confused (to put you in a trance, zen like state). This sauce is unique and aged - made with fermented fiery scotch bonnet peppers - and Trinidad Scorpion pepper for loads of complexity and layers of flavour! Try it on steaks, eggplant, in soups - our favourite is on avacado toast. Spice rating 7.5/10

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