Jacquie K. Moonlight Pimple Patches

These guys are the HOLY GRAIL of any skincare routine, regardless of type. They help your blemishes heal faster & smoother, prevent scarring, and stop you from picking (something we’re all guilty of). Basically, they act as physical, waterproof barrier to the outside world & all of its bacteria, while also promoting a moist environment underneath to accelerate healing in.

Growing up with pretty rough skin myself, pimple patches are the saviour I needed but didn’t know existed until only a few years ago, thanks to Korean skincare. There was just one problem though - all of the patches I had used were boring & quite honestly, didn’t make me feel the greatest. I figured, if I have to deal with acne, why can’t I make it fun?! Enter Moonlight Pimple Patches, the little miracle worker you’ll actually be excited to use.

HOW-TO: Apply nightly (or heck, wear them to brunch with the girls) to clean, dry blemishes. Peel off in the morning & voilà! Your skin is fresh to death.

INGREDIENTS: Hydrocolloid, Tea Tree Oil, Calendula Oil, Cica

  • $8.00