Stone Temple Organic Fair Trade Coffee
Stone Temple Organic Fair Trade Coffee
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Stone Temple Organic Fair Trade Coffee

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Freshly roasted certified fair trade organic coffee locally roasted in the beautiful Cherry Valley, Prince Edward County.  All flavours are 100% Arabica Grade A Coffee, and available in 1Lb whole bean or ground. 

We're currently offering three varieties:

Stone Temple Organic Fair trade Coffee - The County Emporium - Colombian Supremo/Medium Roast - Colombia is world renowned for its coffee growing abilities. This coffee offers a rich, medium body with nutty overtones, and will become your 'go-to'. It has a well balanced acidity level and provides you with a smooth finish. Cupping Notes: Pecan, nougat, dark chocolate, walnut.

Dark Temple/Dark Roast - this is a blend of Peru and Honduran beans that are roasted extremely dark. It provides a bold flavour for those who enjoy the darker things in life. This coffee is excellent for pairing with dessert. Cupping Notes: bittersweet chocolate, cacao nibs, bakers chocolate, dark chocolate.

Pink Donkey Decaf/Medium Roast - this decaffeinated coffee is done on an organic level using the Swiss Water Process. It is 99.9% caffeine free and retains an organic certification. It holds a nice medium body and a medium flavour, and with natural fruit flavours. Cupping notes: cherry, raspberry, blueberry, red currant, clove and nutmeg.