Curating the best, beautiful clothing size large, 14 and above all in one place. Need a shopping friend or a little advice online? Send us a message. Our staff have gone from eating disorders underweight, medication overweight, larger curvy beautiful bodies, postpartum, and everything else so don’t be shy! Swimsuits? You’re going to be so hot!! Trust us. 

Don't see what you’re looking for? Send a message. Maybe I can find it, I’d love to help. This body deserves to be celebrated, no matter where it is right now it’s gotten you here. Need it to go somewhere else? Ok. But dress the way you want to feel NOW. You deserve that. You are worth that. You are worth looking beautiful. You deserve that. Stop hiding your beauty, just let it shine. Need a little help?  I would love to show you. 

With Love ~ ♥️Kate